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30 noviembre, 2016
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30 enero, 2017

Shanghai, a city of contrasts


Shanghai, the city of contrasts, a concrete jungle where you'll find luxury compounds besieged by old townships, 2 story buildings next to the tallest buildings in the world, a city where you have to commute 4 hours by train to breath the forests and mountains.
It's a city in constant change, every time I go back I find it hard to recognise it, new buildings, new bars and restaurants, streets that were trendy a year ago now don't exist anymore, the city that never sleeps they call it, a city that only dresses and makes up at nights. Still you can find hidden gems in the former french concession or travel in time in the river district of Qibao.
Shanghai's nightlife is probably one of the best in the world, it has a few over-the-top bars and clubs in the world. Iconic clubs like Bar Rouge or Mint club tells you how the whole scene is about. If I had to describe Shanghai's nightlife with a word I'll call it elegant, the mix of historic buildings along the bund, modern architecture and the people makes it really glamorous, clubs like Unico and Nest makes them the perfect example of the atmosphere I'm talking about. Shanghai never sleeps like I wrote before, the clubs turn to be the city's heartbeat.

Shanghai, a 21st century city that doesn't forget its past.

Contrast in living conditions, contrast among the people living there, contrast between the old and the new, sometimes I have the feeling that Shanghai confuses itself about how it should be, its the catalyst of change and the ward of Chinese tradition.